Volkswagen Tire Rotation Service


Tire Rotation Service near New Kensington, PA

At Hillcrest Volkswagen, we are proud to be an authorized service center for Volkswagen vehicles. We offer a complete range of auto services, parts, and accessories. We are located in New Kensington, PA, and also serve nearby locations of Tarentum, Natrona Heights, Lower Burrell, and Cheswick. All of the parts and accessories used at our service center are genuine OEM Volkswagen products. Our certified technicians have gained their expertise and skills through years of experience performing auto services. One of the most popular services at our facility is tire rotation service.

What is a Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation service is an important service for longevity and the performance of the tires. In tire rotation service, the tires and wheels are reinstalled to a different position allowing the tread to wear evenly. The tread of a tire is the surface on the circumference that comes in contact with the ground or road. The tire rotation pattern is also important as certain tires are only meant to be used on the front of the rear axle. Other factors that influence the tire rotation pattern is whether the tires are directional, non-directional, tread wear pattern, size of tires, type of vehicle, and more. Our qualified technicians are experienced in tire rotation service and will use their expertise to determine your vehicle's ideal tire rotation pattern.


What are the Benefits of a Tire Rotation?

With regular tire rotation, you will maximize the life of the tires. With an evenly wearing tread, you will experience improved handling of the vehicle as the tires can provide better traction. Also, the vehicle's braking performance will improve with tires that provide a better grip on the road. Regular tire rotation also helps reduce operational cost as it reduces excessive stress on other components of the suspension, brakes, and steering system.

How often do you need a tire rotation service?

We recommend that you follow the service interval recommended by the tire manufacturer. For most types of vehicles, tire rotation service is recommended every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. Certain tire manufactures require you to have regular tire rotation service for the validity of the tire warranty. Tire rotation provides a great opportunity for our technicians to perform a tire inspection service that can check several key points of the tires.

Schedule a Service with us at Hillcrest Volkswagen

You can book an appointment with us by phone, or you can give us a call. For your comfort, we have set up a customer waiting area at our facility. It is equipped with free Wi-Fi, a complimentary beverage and coffee bar, vending machines, and more.


Complimentary Hillcrest Volkswagen Amenities

Hillcrest Volkswagen of Columbus provides local Volkswagen enthusiasts with all-inclusive vehicle care according to certified quality. Choosing us guarantees service completion in a state-of-the-art facility by certified factory-trained technicians with genuine OEM parts. Many customers prefer scheduling services online for 24/7 availability and maximum convenience, and we also have a Volkswagen Service Xpress lane for customers needing basic maintenance without appointments.

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